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Maximize Revenue with Accurate and Timely EMS ePCR Patient Care Reporting
Complete EMS ePCRs faster by minimizing QA/QI efforts with automated validations that help ensure EMS crews are collecting the required data every time. AIM EMS ePCR software comes with configurability that allows for automatic field defaults based on specific incident types, saving crew’s time and preventing documentation errors that could result in lost revenue.Workflow automation gives crews the ability grab assigned calls from an open dispatch queue, automatically pulling in data collected during dispatch to a new ePCR, further improving accuracy and saving time.

Prevent Quality Errors
AIM’s QA/QI Validation and Work Queue features give you the power to prevent data entry errors that could lead to incomplete or non-billable patient care reports. Focused Work Queues allow QA/QI staff the ability to review specific call types, and provide immediate, actionable follow-up for timely education and correction. And with AIM’s built in Quality Validations, crews and billers get real-time alerts on problematic data entry.

Get Paid Faster with Higher EMS ePCR Data Quality
Increase the accuracy and completeness of Patient Care Reports with AIM EMS ePCR software’s automated data validations and mandatory default field settings that flag crew to update discrepancies as soon as they occur. Get accurate EMS ePCRs the first time by creating custom narrative templates that help ensure EMS crews are documenting all required data to support medical necessity. Narrative templates are especially helpful on non-emergency transports like dialysis and other scheduled runs.

Save Time with Improved EMS ePCR Workflow
Increase EMS crew productivity with real time lookup of prior patient information and the ability to sync patient accounts, setup, and finished PCRs automatically to/from remote devices. Reduce the time to get EMS ePCRs to billing with automatic electronic transfer of the ePCR into billing as soon as the ePCR is complete. AIM’s Online EMS ePCR software is there whenever and wherever you need it, with outstanding availability/update. EMS managers can access reports, check productivity, monitor key performance indicators, and collaborate more effectively with crew. With all your EMS documents online, dispatchers, crews, billers, and managers can easily communicate with each other and follow-up on assigned tasks from the station, from home, and en-route.

Keep your ePCRs Compliant with Regional, State, and Federal Regulations
Pass audits confidently with AIM EMS ePCR software’s built in functions that help EMS crews meet the demands of industry and government compliance requirements. Improve EMS ePCR documentation quality with automated error checking, QA routing for crew updates and education, and the ability to attach relevant EMS documentation directly to the ePCR (scene photos, face sheets, PCS/PMNCs, etc.), making it easily accessible if/when an audit occurs. AIM EMS ePCR Software comes with built in tools and resources (Privacy Module, Audit Tracking, and SOC Certified Disaster Recovery) that provide peace of mind in knowing your EMS ePCR data is safe. AIM EMS ePCR software is NEMSIS compliant and includes automated state exporting features that make it easy to submit EMS data to a Region or State.

Eliminate EMS ePCR Software Technology Headaches
Spend less time and money on internal hardware, maintenance, and support of your EMS ePCR software. AIM’s EMS ePCR Software comes with unmatched online availability, which means your EMS service isn’t losing time and money due to hardware failures and downtime. No more worrying about the security of your EMS ePCR data when AIM handles all back-ups, disaster recovery, patches, upgrades, and performance monitoring for your EMS service. AIM’s EMS ePCR software’s online technology ensures your daily EMS patient care reporting continues without interruption – keeping your crews productive.

Improve EMS Crew Satisfaction
We often hear positive feedback from EMTs, Medics and EMS managers that have moved to AIM EMS ePCR Software. Our EMS software customers often comment on AIM’s qualified and courteous AIM support staff and the ease of learning and using AIM EMS ePCR Software. The fact that it is accessible Online, in a secure and reliable environment, adds even more value for EMS crews and managers that need the flexibility to work and manage their patient care reports from anywhere, at any time. Check out our testimonials to hear what customers are saying about AIM EMS ePCR software.

Reliable, Proven, Quality EMS ePCR Software
AIM ePCR Software is a nationally recognized name in EMS. With over 30 years of providing quality EMS products and services to thousands of customers, AIM EMS ePCR Software has proven its ability to help EMS operations run efficiently. AIM’s integrated EMS Dispatch, ePCR, and Billing solutions are designed to fit any size EMS organization and budget.

Increase Profits by Reducing Costs Related To EMS ePCR Software, Hardware, and System Administration
Avoid big one-time costs for hardware and administration to install, maintain, and support a complex, ever-changing IT network environment. AIM Online EMS ePCR software allows you to budget a low recurring monthly cost instead of larger recurring annual expenses and minimizes the overhead required to build, secure, and support an internal data center.

More reasons why AIM’s Online EMS ePCR Software can help improve your Ambulance operations:

  • Better ePCR patient care records and more communication.
    Track and resolve incomplete EMS ePCR records using note fields and queues that keep billing staff and crew communicating.
  • Keep ePCR support documentation organized and complete.
    Scan and attach hospital face sheets, PCS/PMNCs and other documents to the ePCR, keeping patient records organized and easily accessible.
  • Customize your AIM ePCR Software for your needs and processes.
    Make it your own with user-definable flow, fields and defaults based on the type of ambulance call.
  • Automate recurring ambulance transports and save time and keystrokes.
    Create and re-use custom narrative templates for dialysis and other recurring types of transports so documentation is a snap.
  • Access your ePCR data in the field Using AIM ePCR Remote Link.
    Gain direct access to the Online Dispatch and Patient Account data and complete patient care report history in the field. ePCR Remote Link also allows for trip data transfer from remotes to command as soon as a trip is finished, plus automatic synchronization of setup from AIM Online to the remote devices. Lastly, ePCR Remote Link allows you to upload completed ePCR’s to the AIM Billing Module.

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